Our territory

Vallagarina is a special valley. It is profoundly connected to its roots, loves sincerely its territory, and has a very lively cultural environment.

It lies in the southern part of Trentino, in northern Italy, and accompanies the Adige river along its way towards Verona, from the fortified castle-city of Beseno to the Sabbionara Cartle near Avio. In this land, among old towns and medieval castles, like gardens lie vineyards of great traditions. The city of Rovereto is an administrative, cultural and artistic center, and could be even defined as the “cultural capital” of the Trentino region. It is known for the Bell of Peace, and for the Mart, the Museum of Contemporary Art., that hosts important permanent and temporary exhibitions.
In Rovereto, and in the towns that have developed around it, you can feel the deeply rooted traditions of the people who chose agriculture as their primary activiy. There is no other place where such a great and ancient tradition of cooperation exists as here, promoted by S.A.V. and then continued by Vivallis. The purpose of our Restaurant is to promote the local producers who are actively engaged in the food supply chain of the Vallagarina, and to those in the Trentino region (and some outside, but directly connected to them). We firmly believe that this new identity of out valley can fuel new possibilities for our land itself and for its culture, bringing together tradition and development for Vallagarina.