Eating slow

12 Ways To Eat Slow

Do yourself (a) pleasure.

Take your time, to enjoy and listen to your sensations: this is the best way to eat good.

Bring seasons to your table

At every new season, enjoy the pleasure of food you have not tasted for the whole year.

Think global, eat local.

Choose products from producers close to your home: you will empower local economy, and you will strengthen the bonds with your neighbors.

Eat something you have grown... Grow something you love to eat.

This is the best way to keep in touch with nature.

Meet farmers, ranchers, artisans and specialized traders in person.

Buy short-chain products from local fairs or buying groups, at artisan shops (like local bakeries or delicatessen sellers) or at local expert and competent shopowners.

Be curious!

When you are at the store, at the restaurant, at the bar, make questions about the quality of the products.

Take extra caution when choosing foods of animal origin.

When eating meat, always choose the one that comes from grazing livestock (beef, lamb) or semi-extensive farming (pigs, poultry).

Vary your diet to defend agricultural biodiversity.

Try rare or unusual varieties of potatoes, cereals, fruit and vegetables.

Eat whole grain and natural products. Choose non-processed products.

Products that are transformed and ready-to-eat, usually contain large amounts of modified foods and low nutritional quality fats.


It’s the best way to save, and to really know what you are eating. It’s a daily pleasure you give to yourself, and to those you love.

Spend better, spend less!

Eating better does not necessarily mean to spend more. But do not save on quality!

Become explorers of taste!

Educate your children, your friends and acquaintances to the true pleasure of eating.